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8 March 2023

ERP for the food and beverage industry helps with sanitary control

ERP para indústria de alimentos e bebidas ajuda no controle sanitário

ERP for the food and beverage industry is essential for production control, but it also plays a leading role in sanitary control, one of the critical characteristics of this type of business.

The food and beverage industry, like any other productive branch, needs professional management of raw materials, suppliers, processes, deadlines, etc. Finally, complete control of the entire chain. QAD ERP provides all this, with the bonus of being highly adherent to the specificities of this sector.

We are mainly talking about quality control to guarantee the health safety of the products. The demands are high, after all, what is at risk is the health of the consumer.

Anvisa (National Health Surveillance Agency), responsible for supervising and controlling production, transport and marketing in the food and beverage industry, has specific rules for each branch of activity. These are points such as proportion of ingredients, temperature, labeling, among others. QAD ERP complies with all the requirements of Brazilian legislation, facilitating the management of the entire production chain.

“Health surveillance has high requirements and it is important to have traceability from inputs to the batch of the finished item in case of an eventual recall. Dealing with food is dealing with people’s lives, as contamination can cause deaths. ERP QAD enables complete traceability”, says Eduardo Provenzano, Vockan consultant.

On the other hand, control issues cannot stop production efficiency, points out Leandro Senna, Vockan consultant. “In addition to security, the software has to be able to respond quickly to production processes. QAD ERP has the best practices, in an agile and intelligent way”, he says.

Features of the food and beverage industry

Unlike the automotive industry, for example, where items are assembled one by one, piece by piece, the food and beverage industry works with formulas that prepare products in large quantities. Afterwards, they are separated into portions and packaged. Including, it is common to have variety of packaging for the same product.

The QAD ERP does all the formulation, points out the production, manages the different types of packaging and the entire production, from the purchase of inputs to what has already been sold and what will still be sold.

Upgrade your production with Vockan and ERP QAD

More than tracing a detailed X-ray of the entire production chain, QAD ERP is capable of indicating points for improvement based on the analysis of indexes and processes. This can help the company come up with a plan to achieve certifications such as ISO.

Talk to one of the Vockan consultants to find out how to implement or update your ERP and learn about our cloud solutions.