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28 December 2023

2023 was a year of growth and achievements for Vockan

The year 2023 was one of growth and achievements for Vockan. It was the year in which we celebrated our first anniversary of operating as Vockan brand, expanded our operation with a branch in the USA, launched a product tailored to Brazilian industries, increased our team, strengthened our presence at events in different sectors, we were pioneers by being the first Brazilian company affiliated with 4 Day Week Global, we earned the GPTW Certification and publicized the benefits of the 4-day work week in different media.

Throughout the year, more than 280 interviews and articles were published in different media. There were TV reports, newspapers, internet, podcasts in broadcasters such as TV Globo, Band, TV Cultura, newspapers O Globo and Estadão. We talk about the benefits of ERP for companies and how humanized management is positive for people and business.

With this vision, of putting people at the center of decisions, we were the first Brazilian company to join 4 Day Week Global, an organization that aims to encourage the construction of a new way of working, which improves business productivity, workers’ health, in addition to addressing the issue of gender equality and proposing a more sustainable way of working.

Innovation and recognition

In November, we completed one year of the 4-day work week pilot project with very positive indicators: productivity increased from 23% to 41%; the perception of quality of life jumped from 86% to 90%; and 100% of Vockan customers are very satisfied or satisfied with the service provided.

The case of implementing the 4-day work week at Vockan was a finalist for the HR First Class 2023 Award, in the category: Best Practices in People Management – Talent Attraction and Retention.

This project led us to another achievement that fills us with pride: we are GPTW certified! The “Great Place to Work” Certification recognizes the best companies to work for and supports businesses that seek better results through a culture of trust, high performance and innovation. To do this, it evaluates requirements such as benefits, autonomy, organizational environment, transparency in management, remuneration and pride in being part of the organization. And the best part is that the analysis is based on the opinion of employees.

In the GPTW Brasil ranking, we appear in the TOP 5 best companies to work for in the Information Technology (IT) market, in the Small Business category.

And we also recognized our talents: we launched the Drakkar Project Award, an internal action to give gifts to whoever came up with the best action idea. The winner was Guilherme Dutra da Silva, our Software Engineer, with the project “Implementation of Alura at Vockan”, a training platform focused on the technology area. As a prize, he won a trip to Praia do Forte, in Bahia, with his wife and everything paid for by Vockan.

Growth with new product, hiring and branch

2023 was remarkable for Vockan‘s business. We started the year by receiving the award for
Best Newcomer” by QAD global, which recognizes the commitment and performance of the Vockan team. Still in the first half of the year, we were present at the QAD Sales Kickoff in the United States, an event that provides information about the brand’s goals, strategies and news for the year.

We opened a branch in Delaware, USA, with the aim of expanding our operations to customers operating in the American market, Europe and Asia and who also operate in Brazil. The new office also facilitates operations with our partner QAD and other international partners, supporting the Consulting and Services areas.

Speaking of partnerships, we closed deals with 38 new partners in 2023, totaling 51. They are consultancy and service companies of all sizes – from small ones with local operations to multinationals like Thomson Reuters.

In the second half of the year, we launched QAD BR+, a tailored version of QAD ERP, the management system most used by large global industries, for medium-sized Brazilian industries. With faster implementation and competitive values, we help Brazilian companies improve their processes and management.

Sustaining all this growth, we expanded our team of consultants and our commercial team. There were 41 new hires in 2023, which correspond to 59% growth in the year.

To share knowledge and train our customers in using the QAD tool, we offer a monthly training schedule. The Vockan Training Program is free and exists to teach you how to extract quality information from our ERP software. Follow our website and social media to check 2024 schedule and discover how to optimize and leverage your company’s results.

Fabrício Oliveira, CEO of Vockan, between Kara Bellamy and Anton Chilton, CFO and CEO of QAD, at the Sales Kickoff

2023: the year of meetings

In 2023, we see ourselves around a lot. We participate in various events, in person and online. There were conferences, fairs, lectures, webinars – the list is long.

We were present at the ERP Summit, the largest event on Software and Business Management in Latin America. We even brought a special guest, former soccer player and commentator Caio Ribeiro. We strengthened our partnership with him and were present at Caioba Soccer Camp and Caioba Fazenda Boa Vista. We even developed an app for the event!

Among the business events, we were also at the 7th Manufacturing Forum and Autodata Perspectives 2024, the most traditional and important economic information event for the automotive sector in all of Latin America.

We were invited to several HR events because of our innovative people management initiatives. Highlights include HR First Class and The Creative Club Festival, about the creative economy.

We end 2023 grateful for the results and ready to achieve much more in 2024. We thank each client and partner who accompanies us on this journey!

Count on Vockan to put your company on the path to innovation and productivity! Speak to one of our consultants.

Vockan team at the Autodata Perspectives 2024 Congress