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Consumer goods

Reduce your exposure to risks with demand planning. Have the agility to adapt it quickly and change the prioritization of production orders when necessary. Control costs, revenues and deadlines.

Prevent market fluctuations from affecting your business. The ERP for the consumer goods industry provided by Vockan enables more efficient inventory management, which allows you to predict demand and optimize logistics. Have visibility of sales, promotions and discounts.

With our solution, financial control becomes easier, as the software allows you to monitor revenues, costs, cash flow and other financial metrics in real time.

Why choose QAD ERP

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Connected supply chain

Improve management of your internal supply chain and supplier ecosystem. With automated process management, reduce response times for suppliers, customers and everyone involved in your industry.

After all, an agile and resilient supply chain is one that is digital, informative and collaborative. With sophisticated modeling and forecasting capabilities, you can improve the planning, management, and control of your global supply chain to increase performance.

How the ERP provided by Vockan can help you

Control costs, delivery deadlines, production tracking and optimize stock levels with the best ERP for the industry. This way, you make it easier to complete tasks and achieve productivity gains, without losing sight of the quality of the finished or semi-finished product in your industry.

Still in doubt? Talk to a Vockan expert to learn about all the features of the ERP system and how it can make your industry more efficient!

Gerenciamento mais efetivo com ERP QAD

Gerencie o ciclo completo do cliente com facilidade, desde o contato inicial até o pós-venda, incluindo cotações, pedidos, preços, promoções, personalização e configuração. Obtenha visibilidade global para um processamento eficiente de pedidos em toda a empresa.

Aumente a produtividade

e a colaboração da sua equipe com os recursos do ERP para indústria de bens de consumo. Otimize o desempenho da produção, cumprindo os requisitos de conformidade, qualidade e segurança.

Nosso time de consultores

está preparado para compreender os desafios da sua indústria e propor as melhores soluções.


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