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Vockan is the exclusive representative of QAD in Brazil and brings the best in management systems to the industry. Click to know the products:

Rest API

REST API is a software architecture approach that has been increasingly used in the manufacturing industry to improve efficiency and productivity. With the help of RESTful APIs, manufacturing companies can easily connect to different systems and devices, allowing them to access, manage and share data and information in real-time. Vockan, in partnership with WWS Software, created the REST API solution for use in QAD’s ERP.

Some of the ways in wich RESTful APIs are used in the manufacturing industry include:

  • Process automation.
  • Quality control.
  • Inventory management.
  • Production management.
  • Preventive maintenance.

Advanced Supplier Pre-Payment Control

Advance payments to suppliers is a common practice in many companies, but it has its risks. The Advanced Advance Control plays a fundamental role in mitigating risks, as it has a mechanism for managing advances from requesting to receiving the invoice from the supplier and deducting the amount advanced.

Its main benefits are:

  • Avoiding fraud in the process.
  • Approval control by user and amount to be advanced.
  • Configurable approval workflow.
  • Notification (emails) at process stages.
  • Automatic matching of the advance (deduction of the advanced amount when the supplier’s invoice is received)


Extensions are solutions that complement the main ERP functionalities. These extensions are often required to meet regulatory needs.

Depending on the industry, organizations face very complex processes and system flexibility is essential to adapt to these needs.

Vockan has wide experience in business and in developing extensions so that your company can increasingly focus on strategic objectives.


The ability of the QAD system to integrate with third-party solutions is one of the software main benefits. ERP integration connects and synchronizes the ERP software with other applications and data sources, offering a unified view of information from different systems in real time.

Vockan offers integrations through APIs that are customized and exclusive for your business. We use web services technologies, REST APIs, SOAP APIs and also integrations via files such as xml, csv and many others.

Some examples of integrations Vockan offers:

  • Integration with foreign trade and customs brokerage systems.
  • Integration with travel expense management systems.
  • Integration with Exchange Rate (Bacen).
  • Integration with Logistic Operators and/or Transportation Companies.
  • Other types of integrations.