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ERP Services


Vockan provides specialized ERP services adapted to clients’ needs, covering the diverse aspects of a business lifecycle, from supply chain to financial management. Whatever your business challenge, Vockan has the practical experience you need to thrive. We serve industries such as Automotive, Life Sciences, Food and Beverage, Electronics and High Technology, Industrial and Consumer Goods. We provide services of:

ERP implementation

Every ERP implementation with Vockan begins with understanding business objectives. We listen, then apply our deep industry knowledge and technical experience to fine-tune software features so they meet your business needs.

With Vockan as a partner, you have several benefits in your ERP project:

  • Application of best practices in each industry sector.
  • Rapid implementation, with a tested and approved methodology that maximizes the value of your ERP investment.
  • Insights from our technical team on trends and requirements in your industry.
  • Platform to support growth plans and future expansions.
  • Customized ERP for your industry.

Upgrade your ERP

For those who already use ERP QAD and require an update. Especially in Brazil, where new legal requirements are always being introduced, an ERP upgrade will keep your industry always efficient and in compliance with legislation. We can work with the Functional Upgrade or Technical Upgrade depending on the joint analysis to define the ideal solution.

Functional Upgrade

We start your ERP project from scratch, with a clean database and bringing only selected data. Migrations are ideal for companies whose businesses have undergone significant changes or those who want to significantly change information structures.

We also provide functional consulting for process improvements, knowledge recycling and implementation of new functionalities/products.

Technical Upgrade

You can also choose a conversion upgrade, which moves all your data and history to the new version with the benefits of a new version.

Cloud ERP

Cloud ERP is your management system available at any time and on any device connected to the Internet. Real-time operational and management information for better decision making. Cloud-based ERP eliminates the need for investment and maintenance in IT infrastructure. It’s the same resources, support and security for your data, with rapid implementation. A flexible and scalable solution according to your company’s needs.

EDI Solutions

Manufacturers recognize the important role that EDI/eCommerce play in maintaining supply chain efficiency. But managing costs and complexity are also key factors. If EDI is not a core competency of your company’s in-house staff, rely on Vockan. We offer a comprehensive set of EDI solutions to meet your needs:

  • EDI Consulting – EDI specialists with technical and functional knowledge, customized for your business and ERP QAD, reducing costs, complexity and time associated with maintenance.
  • EDI training – Personalized EDI training so that your staff masters the EDI skills relevant to your business.

System integration

A solid ERP system integration will ensure that your business systems are accurate and synchronized. ockan takes advantage of leading technology solutions to seamlessly integrate QAD production systems into a wide variety of third-party solutions.

Vockan team has successfully delivered QAD integrations for solution types such as:

  • Manufacturing Execution Systems (MES).
  • Third-Party Logistics (3PLs).
  • Quality Management System (QMS).
  • Electronic Data Interchange (EDI).
  • Legacy System.

BPO Services

QAD software, distributed by Vockan, evolves every day. New features, business process improvements, new government regulations, and patches are released periodically. 

In order to be in line and up to date with the latest updates, each customer needs to implement these changes and validate them through testing. Vockan offers the support you need to keep your software up to date, while you focus on your core business. We also work with other BPO services, such as administration of the QAD ERP environment, support and control of internal and external tickets, support for the company’s internal operations, and project management using agile methodology and tools in order to optimize your process with cost reduction.

Project management & PMO

With broad experience in project management, Vockan has in its organizational structure a PMO to standardize governance and project management processes. This is how we guarantee the organization of activities and control of costs, scope, time and quality, with transparency in information and reduction of errors. Count on Vockan’s experience and avoid surprises in your ERP project.

Technical advisory consulting

A system integrity check by Vockan’s ERP consulting team will identify problems and optimization possibilities.Keep your QAD ERP system in good health and peak performance. Performing regular system health checks helps ensure that your ERP system is stable and at minimal risk.  In addition to identifying problems, Vockan creates a recommendation plan.

ERP advisory consulting (V-Scan) services can: 

  • Identify and correct problems before they occur.
  • Reduce operational costs.
  • Help plan future capacity needs.
  • Free internal resources for other activities.

In-company training

Make your ERP investment count by ensuring your employees have the knowledge they need to use the software’s full potential. Vockan’s ERP training stimulates productivity and keeps employees’ skills up to date with the latest in the tool. We offer private ERP training and virtual training, individual or in groups. Contact us to find the solution that best suits your company’s needs.