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26 February 2024

Vockan implements tax solution at Amvac do Brasil

Vockan implementa solução fiscal na Amvac do Brasil

Vockan supported the implementation of the ONESOURCE Tax One, tax solution from Thomson Reuters, and its integration with the QAD ERP at Amvac do Brasil. Amvac is an American multinational with more than 50 years of experience in agribusiness, in the fertilizers and agricultural pesticides segment. In Brazil since 2019, the company has used QAD ERP globally.

“The system that Amvac opted for since arriving in Brazil was QAD, best known in the USA, which is why we have a partnership with Vockan that gives us full support, including in terms of development and improvements”, says Vitor Porto Cunha , CEO of Amvac do Brasil.

The implementation of ONESOURCE Tax One is one of these improvements. It is a package of fiscal and tax intelligence software available in the cloud to automate tax routines, treat data strategically and optimize tax calculation. It is the best solution to deal with Brazil’s tax complexity, integrating with other systems used by the industry.

“Every company in Brazil needs to present to governments, at the end of the month, mandatory tax reports, from reports on invoices issued, accounting, tax collection guides, among other obligations. ONESOURCE Tax One integrates with QAD ERP to carry out this tax delivery with agility and security”, explains Renato Louzada, project manager at Vockan.

Tax solution is an investment to grow

For Amvac do Brasil, this investment in IT is part of its growth strategy and support for the development of local producers.

“We invested in technology to support the areas of finance, credit and charge collection so that we have a robust and operational system that we can take full advantage of. Thus, we are able to deliver what we want to the producer: a quality product, on time, at the right time so that we can continue growing in a country that has an immense agricultural potential”, says the CEO of Amvac do Brasil.

Amvac is a listed company on the stock market in the USA. Therefore, there are some audit requirements related to processes and internal controls, as explained by Roberto Damatto, CFO of Amvac do Brasil.

“It is a business that requires a high level of compliance and governance, which is required in all countries in which the company has subsidiaries. In Brazil, we have a complex fiscal environment, it is necessary to always be aware of legislation and follow all processes. ONESOURCE Tax One comes to complement and help with planning and tax obligations”, says the executive.

Project with several go lives and objectives achieved

Every ERP project has a go live date, when the old system is shut down and the new one comes into use. In the case of implementing ONESOURCE Tax One, there are several go lives, with different dates for federal, state, municipal taxes and other accounting issues. This is one of the challenges of the project.

“Our objective was to preserve the delivery of each obligation, so that the company would not suffer penalties. And we achieved it over almost a year of project, completed in 2023”, says the Vockan project manager.

Amvac’s choice for ONESOURCE Tax One was due to the need to update the system in use until then. The project involved different teams:

  • from Vockan, as experts in QAD ERP;
  • from Thomson Reuters, provider of ONESOURCE Tax One;
  • from Lumen IT, with consultants specialized in tax and accounting;
  • and from Amvac itself, to learn, adapt and validate the software for the company’s operations.

Bruno Lima, Operations Manager at Lumen IT, highlights the synergy of cooperation.

“We had effective participation in Amvac’s ONESOURCE Tax One Project, involving experts dedicated to implementing obligations at both the state and federal levels. The notable difference of this successful collaboration resulted in the efficient implementation of the system’’.

Partnership in testing and validation

Pâmela Corrêa, Tax Analyst at Amvac do Brasil, was one of the users who actively participated in the project, carrying out tests and validations. For her, the biggest challenge was reconciling day-to-day work activities with project tasks. However, she highlights some factors that contributed to the success: “The project management, as I had support to solve problems whenever I needed it, the communication between the areas, after all, there were several companies involved and the support of the consultants, flexible and proactive to meet the demands”.

Jéssica Barra Nova, Accounting Analyst at Amvac do Brasil, also participated in the tests and validations. “All modules are integrated and we have information readily available at any time of the day. For us, it is very important to have these updated financial statements. ONESOURCE Tax One has a specific layout that fully meets government requirements and we can see that our information is reliable and accredited. Our expectation on the accounting side is to speed up our deliveries to the Tax Authorities”, she says.

According to those involved, three things were fundamental to success throughout the process: planning with technical knowledge, organization and commitment.

The CEO of Amvac do Brasil celebrates the partnership and the result achieved. “Vockan’s management ensured the favorable environment that was maintained from the beginning until the end of the project.”