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31 July 2023

What changes in the industry 4.0 professional career

O que muda na carreira do profissional da indústria 4.0

The digital transformation in the manufacturing environment promoted by industry 4.0 has direct impacts on the career of professionals working in the sector. Over the past decade, manufacturing has entered a period of transformation. New technologies arrive on the shop floor continuously. The significant increase in processing power and data storage has resulted in new applications of technology in the manufacturing processes of various products.

“Before, technology on the shop floor was barcode scanning for labels. Today, the scope has increased by the increasing use of these tools. Technologies that used to have prohibitive prices have now become accessible and scalable, and new industrial applications for them have quickly emerged”, says Thiago Queirós, manager of the areas of Projects, Consulting and Experience at Vockan Consulting.

We are talking about Internet of Things (IoT), Artificial Intelligence (AI), advanced robotics, 3D printing, virtual (VR) and augmented reality, big data, cloud computing. It is the coordinated and interconnected use of these tools and systems that make up Industry 4.0. Learn more about them by clicking here.

Industry 4.0 professional profile

As the adoption of new technologies in factories grows, the needs of labor also transform. Thus, the industry 4.0 professional profile now includes knowledge about technology and specialization in the area, as well as the ability to learn continuously.

“‘I completed my studies’ is a phrase that made sense some time ago, but not anymore. Industry professionals who want to keep their jobs and have prosperous careers must seek continuous qualification. And just having specialized technical knowledge is not enough. It takes an open mind and a broad perspective to understand needs as a whole. In this way, it is possible to use technology in favor of solving problems and improving processes”, says Queirós.

It is true that, with the digital transformation, merely operational functions tend to be replaced by innovative systems and tools. On the other hand, trained professionals with a strategic vision will be needed to operate these systems.

“Certain jobs will not exist, but others will emerge. The number of different professionals to support an Industry 4.0 is enormous. We should not be afraid of technology as it brings many opportunities. The demand for complete professionals is latent”, adds the Vockan‘ specialist.

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