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12 April 2023

Article: The human capital revolution

Artigo: A revolução do capital humano

Article by Fabrício Oliveira, CEO of Vockan Consulting

An American company of Artificial Intelligence recently disclosed that a “robot” would start to intermediate processes and act in small claims in the USA, being able to replace the work of lawyers. In parallel, the subject of the last few weeks has been ChatGPT. It is a chatbot prototype capable of generating texts and that promises to rival Google, questioning the role of journalists and content producers. In the world of ERP and large industries, increasing automation is a reality. The more operations are robotized, the more efficient they tend to be. As always, this wave of disruptive technologies makes us question the role of people in this new work organization.

The discussion about new professions and those that will no longer exist because of technology is long and old. However, the specter of becoming obsolete continues to haunt us. Of course, those who don’t update themselves will miss the window of opportunity, but I see that the more time passes, the more valuable the human contribution to the development of successful businesses becomes.

Human capital is crucial

After years as an executive and now as an entrepreneur, I realize that the human factor is crucial. In the consulting business, and speaking specifically in the technology area, human capital is the most precious asset we have. Customers are people, consultants are people, partners are people, suppliers are people. We are made and we deal with people, no matter how technological the solution we sell is.

Therefore, the news that Artificial Intelligence may be taking on increasingly complex tasks does not scare me. The human factor will always exist and will be increasingly decisive in analyzing, managing and promoting connections based on these innovations. The more technology advances, the more valuable and strategic it will be to look at teams and relational skills. What gives soul, generates market differentiation and defines business directions is not software, but the people who choose how to follow the challenges.

It may sound romantic, but it’s not. The advances and benefits brought by technology are undeniable and inevitable. But, deep down, no matter your line of business, your company is made of people. And managing people is one of the most complex tasks a manager can have. And, at the same time, it is also one of the most fundamental and enriching. We are diverse, multiple, interesting. We are able to create things that can change the world. Facilitating the power that your team has, understanding the real challenges of your customers, genuinely connecting with suppliers and partners: this is – and will continue to be – the true revolution. Are you ready for it?

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