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5 December 2023

How to choose the best ERP for industry

Como escolher o melhor ERP para indústria

The complex operations of the manufacturing industry require robust and flexible management software, capable of adapting to business and market needs. Therefore, when choosing an ERP for industry, it is important to keep in mind the characteristics and challenges of the company and its area of ​​activity.

Industrial ERP, with specialized resources for different sectors, can help your company face everyday challenges with more efficiency and agility. After all, each segment has specific regulation, compliance and taxation issues. In such a competitive and dynamic market, this is essential to be successful.

Learn about the advantages of choosing an ERP suited to your segment and learn how the Enterprise Resource Planning can help your company prosper.

ERP for industry promotes total integration

ERP for industry is the software that integrates your factory’s operational and management data. Through it, it’s possible to optimize processes, automate production, monitor indicators in real time and have full visibility of information. Furthermore, it can integrate with your supplier and customer chain, facilitating the flow of information.

In the automotive industry, for example, this integration is essential. The lack of parts can paralyze automakers’ production lines and lead to penalties for suppliers. In the food and beverage and life sciences industries, the critical factor is quality. The traceability of inputs and produced batches needs to be guaranteed for consumer safety.

Vockan has an ERP solution for industry that is highly compliant with the segments mentioned above and also for the consumer goods, electronics and high technology and industrial sectors.

Vockan has an ERP solution for industry that is highly compliant with the segments mentioned above and also for the consumer goods, electronics and high technology and industrial sectors.

Advantages of ERP for industry

The ERP for industry provided by Vockan is highly compliant with the processes of the mentioned segments. Proximity to sectoral entities guarantees the best practices embedded in the software, as well as compliance with Brazilian legislation in regulatory, compliance and tax matters.

Another important point is that, by choosing an ERP that fits your sector, you can achieve faster and, consequently, cheaper implementation, as it minimizes customizations.

This is usually a critical factor in ERP implementation, as, as software customization needs arise, surprises arise with the cost of the project. Therefore, Vockan has the industrial ERP with the lowest total effective cost.

Imagine managing an industry and using management software made for retail – it doesn’t seem productive, does it? In fact, it will not be the most appropriate solution for your company’s operations and challenges.

Furthermore, our technology is global, multi-currency and multilingual, therefore capable of supporting the growth of your company inside and outside Brazil. Our Cloud-based ERP is scalable according to your business needs. The cloud reduces costs with IT infrastructure (Information Technology), such as data center space and equipment.

QAD BR+: an ERP for Brazilian industry

QAD BR+ is a tailored version for the Brazilian industry of the ERP used by the largest manufacturers in the world. With it, your company will have a robust management system to integrate all operation information and improve management.

Automate and optimize processes, increase efficiency and monitor indicators in real time to make the best decisions for the future of your business. Don’t get lost in spreadsheets and outdated information. Advance digital transformation and position your company in the world of Industry 4.0.

Vockan is a specialist in ERP for industry and has the best solution for this production sector. As the exclusive representative of QAD in Brazil, we provide the best industrial ERP, recognized by Gartner’s Magic Quadrant. We have more than 40 years of experience in implementing and supporting ERP projects in thousands of factories around the world.

Now that you know the best industrial ERP solution, talk to Vockan experts to boost your company!


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