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18 May 2023

ERP for electronics and high tech industry must be adaptable and scalable

ERP para indústria de eletrônicos e alta tecnologia deve ser adaptável e escalável

ERP for electronics and high technology industry needs to be an adaptable and scalable solution to meet the needs of this segment. Adaptable because the demands for customization by customers are growing, while it is necessary to maintain standard production for the general market. And scalable to keep up with the growth of your business in the time it needs.

These are two common challenges to companies operating in the electronics and high technology sector. We are talking about industries of wires, cables, batteries, devices and equipment, both for the final consumer and for other companies (B2B – Business to business).

Another difficulty in the sector is managing inputs and suppliers. The impact of the pandemic on production chains highlighted the need for diversification in the supply chain. The good news is that these risks can be mitigated with the help of an efficient Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP).

“The QAD ERP has high adherence to the electronics and high technology industry and makes it possible to align planning and the production line in an agile and efficient way. Many companies still do this manually, using spreadsheets, which can cause errors and delays. But digitalization and automation can take industries to another level”, says André Miranda, executive director of operations at Vockan Consulting, QAD’s exclusive representative in Brazil.

Advantages of ERP for Electronics and High Tech Industry

ERP for electronics and high technology industry also brings the same advantages it brings to all business segments: traceability of raw material and manufactured products. This favors quality control and makes it easier to deal with an eventual recall. Increasingly, these are competitive differentials of companies.

Cost control is another pressure that companies are under, whatever their line of business, and, once again, the management system can help.

QAD ERP allows you to detail cost control, with the possibility of tracking costs by item, by product line and even by customer”, says Miranda.

Another feature of the electronics and high technology industry is global business, with suppliers and customers from all over the world. QAD ERP gives full visibility to data and allows integration with different systems and applications.

“In addition to a wide range of templates for electronics and high technology manufacturing, the ERP QAD management system can be customized with low code or no-code according to the company’s needs”, says the executive director of operations at Vockan Consulting.

Talk to a Vockan consultant to learn more about how QAD ERP can accelerate production in your high tech and electronics industry.


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