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22 September 2023

QAD BR+: Bringing your company closer to the level of industry giants

Aproximando sua empresa do patamar das gigantes da indústria

QAD BR+ is an affordable version of QAD Adaptive ERP, widely used by large global industries. Tailor-made for medium-sized companies, it improves management and processes, taking your business to another level through digital transformation.

It is an Enterprise Resource Planning aligned with the best practices of each sector and with pre-formatted templates for each segment. Thus, implementation becomes faster and more simplified, under commercial conditions compatible with the cash flow of medium-sized companies, without surprises with the final cost of the project.

QAD BR+ integrates processes and departments, with modules to serve various points in the production chain, such as accounting, finance, logistics, sales and after-sales, in addition to one of the most highly regarded manufacturing management and execution modules among all ERPs in the world.

“The basis of the QAD BR+ solution is highly experienced and responds to real industry challenges”, says Fabrício Oliveira, CEO of Vockan.

Vockan is the exclusive representative of QAD in Brazil and has an implementation team with experience and capacity to understand and propose best practices according to your business.

Do you want to supply or be a large industry? Invest in ERP

If your company is a supplier to large industries or wants to become one, investing in a good management system is essential. QAD ERP has high adherence to the industry, especially in the following business verticals:

  • automotive,
  • industrial,
  • life sciences,
  • consumer goods,
  • high tech,
  • food and drinks.

ERP increases the efficiency and productivity of companies, as it automates processes, facilitates the flow of information, anticipates demands and allows integration with different systems and tools. Thus, communication in the supply chain is improved, speeding up decisions.

“Implementing or updating ERP is always an opportunity to innovate, improve management and increase competitiveness”, says Oliveira.

If your company’s desire is to grow, QAD BR+ is the right choice. It is a robust, scalable and multi-currency and multilingual tool, facilitating internationalization. Furthermore, it is a cloud solution, which reduces IT infrastructure costs and makes data accessible anytime, anywhere.

QAD BR+: the best for the industry

QAD’s ERP is considered world wide best in class and recognized by Gartner’s Magic Quadrant. In the world, 75% of the largest automotive suppliers are enabled by QAD. The multinational is present in more than 700 consumer goods factories, 500 food and beverage and electronics and high-tech products factories and more than 450 plants in the life sciences segment.

Industries that have revenues above R$30 million and have not yet experienced the benefits of integrated management systems, that are dissatisfied with the ERP they use or that have had an ERP updated for more than 3 years and therefore are no longer operating in their best performance, they have the opportunity to benefit from all the advantages of an advanced management system.

Considering that Brazil has more than 24 thousand medium-sized industries, according to the Industry Portal, it is not an exaggeration to say that, in such a competitive environment, advanced management will increasingly be a differentiator for business continuity.

The Vockan and QAD partnership provides a unified solution from sales, implementation, support and official support. This way, with a central person responsible for the entire process, there is a guarantee of a faster and more effective response.

Talk to Vockan to accelerate your company’s digital transformation towards the world of Industry 4.0.


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