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24 October 2023

Discover the advantages of QAD BR+: an ERP in the Cloud

Conheça vantagens do QAD BR

Cloud computing is a technology that allows access to resources such as storage, data processing and applications via the internet. It is already part of our lives, whether it is to save our cell phone photos or to use social networks, bank applications or streaming services, among many other examples. In companies, it can bring significant advantages, as in the case of QAD BR+, a Cloud-based ERP that reduces operational costs and is a tailored solution for the industry.

With Cloud computing, instead of relying on local servers, these resources can be hired on demand from cloud service providers. It is the concept of Software as a Service (SaaS). This reduces spending on equipment (computers, software licenses, servers, room air conditioners and energy generators to ensure availability), employees to take care of all this infrastructure and also real estate costs, as it eliminates the need for physical space for a data center in the company.

This is one of the main benefits of QAD BR+, QAD’s ERP distributed exclusively by Vockan for medium-sized Brazilian industries. It is an industrial ERP in the Cloud, which helps companies in their digital transformation process.

ERP is a management software that integrates various business processes, such as finance, human resources, supply chain, sales and inventory management. In short, it is an integrated management system that offers a wide range of resources to help companies improve their efficiency, decision-making and market competitiveness.

Advantages of Cloud-based ERP

In addition to cost reduction, there are several advantages when using a cloud ERP like QAD BR+. See below:

  • Scalability: Cloud resources can be scaled as needed, allowing companies to quickly increase or decrease capacity.
  • Remote access: Cloud data and applications can be accessed at any time and from anywhere with a secure connection, by authorized people, which facilitates remote work.
  • Real-time information: QAD ​​BR+ has a Data Lake that allows you to have real-time management information through more than 450 KPIs distributed in dashboards that cover the entire operation of an industry.
  • Security and compliance: Vockan works in partnership with Cloud providers who implement rigorous security measures, such as encryption and advanced firewalls, to ensure the security and integrity of information, while complying with regulations.
  • Connectivity: QAD ​​BR+ connects to IoT, systems, satellites and industrial automation (robotization) and artificial intelligence solutions. Therefore, it is the fastest and most effective path to digital transformation in your industry.

How QAD BR+ can help industries

QAD’s ERP is highly industry-compliant, considered best in class and recognized by Gartner’s Magic Quadrant. It incorporates best practices from six manufacturing industry verticals: automotive, consumer products, industrial, high technology, life sciences, and food and beverage. QAD has deep industry experience and direct involvement with industry standards organizations.

QAD BR+ is a competitive solution, capable of quickly and flexibly meeting the needs of the Brazilian market, bringing its medium-sized industry closer to global giants. It is multi-currency and multi-lingual, thus facilitating business expansion. Furthermore, it is faster and more simplified to implement.

The Vockan and QAD partnership provides a unified solution from sales, implementation, support and official support. This way, with a central person responsible for the entire process, there is a guarantee of a faster and more effective response.

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