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30 March 2023

ERP consulting: maximum performance of your management system

Consultoria ERP: desempenho máximo do seu sistema de gestão

ERP Consulting is a Vockan’s service that helps to implement the best ERP for the industry: ERP QAD. Adhering to the various sectors of the manufacturing industry, ERP QAD integrates data and processes into a single system, following the determinations of Brazilian legislation.

In ERP consulting, customers have full support in implementation projects or updating of ERP QAD. The ERP consulting operates from the planning and definition of the solution to the operation and user training.

“The support of our specialized team throughout the project is a differential, as it ensures that the system will be used to its full potential. In many cases where the client chooses to carry out the implementation without consulting support, the system ends up being underutilized”, says André Miranda, Vockan Consulting’s Operations Director.

Another differential is that Vockan’s consultants are full and senior level, therefore, they have years of experience in projects with ERP QAD.

ERP consulting step by step

Vockan’s ERP consulting follows a step-by-step process that guarantees that all essential items and critical points will be met. Check below:


At the planning, it is time to define, together with the client, what he is looking for, his needs, which ERP QAD modules he intends to implement, when he intends to start and what resources are available. It is the elaboration of an action plan considering scope, cost and deadline.


The engagement of the client’s teams is crucial for the success of the project. First, because it is their knowledge that will guide the definition of models in each area. Second, because they need to participate in testing and training to be able to use the system. The joint work between the ERP consulting and the client’s teams is what guarantees that the processes will work as expected. Therefore, engagement is essential.


Cost control is critical to ensuring the desired return on investment. Vockan’s ERP consulting monitors it strictly and has regular meetings with the client. There is usually a project manager on each side and they are the bridge and are responsible for controls. In case of difficulties or risks, they work together to prevent them from becoming problems throughout the project.

4.Risk Management

Risk Management is another very important factor in all stages of the project. Together with the client, the risks, qualitative and quantitative impacts, probabilities and actions to mitigate them are identified, with the indication of the respective responsible parties.


The availability and quality of data is essential for the efficiency of any ERP. For example, if the data is incomplete, with suppliers missing from the list, the system will not work properly. That is, this can become a big problem in the operation.


In addition to the ERP system itself, an industry has other systems that operate together. These interfaces have to be very well mapped and defined so that they work correctly and be integrated with the ERP.

Vockan’s ERP consulting methodology

Vockan’s ERP consulting uses the QAD Effective On Boarding (QAD EOB) implementation methodology, based on the best practices in each sector. The method helps companies reduce implementation time and total cost while increasing the return on their ERP investment.

The QAD EOB methodology offers a scalable solution consisting of predefined processes, predictable costs and industry-specific best practices for companies of all sizes and industries. Thus, the benefits of the QAD EOB methodology are as follows:

  • Greater predictability in the duration and cost of the implementation project;
  • Improved planning, resulting in faster implementations;
  • Better adequacy of ERP QAD and faster return on investment;
  • Recommended best practices to help manufacturers develop a global standard;
  • Reduction in the need for customizations.

ERP consulting is also part of the BPO (Business Process Outsourcing) service offered by Vockan.

“BPO is a way of helping clients in the process of recycling professionals, training new users of the system, indicating process improvements. In short, it is continuous support, according to the company’s needs”, declares Vockan’s Director of Operations.

Talk to a Vockan consultant to find out how we can leverage your industry with the best integrated management systems.


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