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10 February 2023

Vockan Consulting chooses partnerships for expansion

Vockan Consulting aposta em parcerias para expansão

Vockan Consulting chooses partnerships to expand its products and services and, thus, serve its customers with ever-increasing excellence. This is the aim of the new deals closed with Thomson Reuters and Prime Consultoria.

Thomson Reuters is a multinational leader in technology and intelligent information solutions for companies and professionals. Prime Consultoria, located in Ribeirão Preto (SP), specializes in software development and implementation. The synergy and the complementarity between the solutions presented by the companies was the booster to come together.

Fabrício Oliveira, CEO of Vockan, points out that the strategy aims the technical and commercial complementarity.

“We seek the growth of our operations, the expansion of the services offered to our customers and the ability to further enhance the development or customization of solutions from our portfolio. Everyone wins, the partners and the companies that rely on this expertise”, reveals the executive.

Alliance with Thomson Reuters

The alliance with Thomson Reuters, established in December 2022, boosts the business of the customers of both companies, who start to deliver more innovation, integration and agility.

With this alliance, Vockan expands its portfolio of solutions by integrating the software ONESOURCE Tax One by Thomson Reuters. It will be present in all segments in which Vockan operates, such as in the automotive sector, consumer goods, industry and science of life.

“This partnership expands our product offer to customers, bringing an even more complete solution with the Thomson Reuters tax module, which will further qualify its delivery of value from our segment expertise together with our QAD base”, says Oliveira.

For Neemias Costa, Director of Alliances and Partnerships in the Corporates segment at Thomson Reuters for Latin America, the new alliance will be essential to boost the expansion of the digital transformation of its clients.

“Our focus is to transform excellence into practical results for companies, based on most advanced technologies available today, which are applied in ONESOURCE Tax One and the expertise of commercial partners in its focus industry”, he says.

Partnership with Prime Consultoria

The partnership with Prime Consultoria expands the product offer and consolidates technical support for the development of internal solutions.

“We are a company with 22 years of experience in the market and a team of 44 people. It is a significant reinforcement for the solutions offered by Vockan”, says Douglas Lima, director of Prime Consultoria.

Currently, Prime’s main development for Vockan is the SHS portal, for internal project management.

“It organizes and gives total visibility on all the projects, the steps, resources, activities, consumed hours, costs, profitability, risks, in short, all important aspects for good management”, points out the CEO of Vockan.

Despite being initially aimed at internal use, customers have access to the panels and they can also follow the management and evolution of their project.

“The portal brings direct benefit to the client, as it improves management and enables a leaner delivery. The project can even get cheaper as we optimize, in timeline, the lessons learned from well-managed projects”, concludes Fernando Luchini, Director of Solutions and Products at Vockan.


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