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16 May 2023

Vockan expands operation to the U.S. and targets new business

Vockan expande operação para os EUA e mira novos negócios

Vockan expands operations to the U.S., targeting new businesses. QAD’s exclusive representative in Brazil and which develops ERP and solutions for the manufacturing industry opens a branch in Delaware, in the United States.

The objective is to expand operations to customers who operate in the American market, Europe and Asia, and which also carry out activity in Brazil, in addition to facilitating the operation with QAD itself and international partners, providing support in the areas of Consulting and Services.

“We want to be the first option of QAD in the world”, reveals Fabrício Oliveira, CEO of Vockan.

Who will handle the American operation is the executive André Koga, who assumes as Director of New Business and Strategic Alliances. Over 22 years old dedicated to QAD, Koga will have the mission of connecting branch and headquarters.

“Vockan is in a moment of acceleration and growth. My focus will be on enhancing the segments in which the company operates, strengthening alliances and strategic partnerships, seeking to expand new business, increasing its presence in the industry in general”, emphasizes.

For Oliveira, the new branch plays a strategic role in the growth in new markets.

“We are very happy, as this is an important step for the company. With the expansion of Vockan, we will mainly meet the demand in consultancy with the objective of increasing market share in the United States by 10%”, says Oliveira.

And the executive adds:

“Koga is a professional who unites a combination of expertise and will be responsible for the operation in the United States, in addition to assuming a strategic area, in which it expands our capacity to support
customers and meet the needs of each business”, he concludes.