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7 November 2022

Sefaz has postponed NT 2020.007 to 2023

Sefaz prorroga NT 2020.007 para 2023

Sefaz extended NT 2020.007 to 2023. The purpose of this Technical Note is to allow the Issuer of the Electronic Invoice to inform the Carrier’s identification at any time, as one of the persons authorized to access the XML of the NF-e. The new deadlines for deployment are 03/06/20203 (test) and 05/15/23 (production).

When the NF-e is issued, the issuer has often not yet defined the Carrier that will be responsible for delivering the goods, thus preventing this information from being included in a specific field of the NF-e, or even in the group of people authorized to access the NF-e XML. In several other cases, the person responsible for transport is the recipient and, therefore, the Issuer is unable to inform the Carrier in the XML of the NF-e.

In the event that the transport is not the responsibility of the Issuer, the Recipient may generate the event, with the same purpose of authorizing the Carrier to be authorized to access the XML of the NF-e. In cases of Redispatching or Subcontracting, once the contracted carrier has been defined, it may also authorize another carrier participating in the same transport operation to access the XML of the NF-e.

More information in the attached document.

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