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2 May 2023

How is the 4-day workweek at Vockan Consulting

Como é a semana de 4 dias d

The 4-day workweek at Vockan Consulting is highlighted in the media for being a pioneering initiative in Brazil. Vockan is the first Brazilian company to join 4 Day Week Global, a non-profit organization based in New Zealand, which seeks to promote reduced working hours without changing wages and benefits. The novelty was highlighted in TV Globo, Exame, Portal ERP, Trainee RH and Infra.

The 4-day work week has been discussed globally and is touted as the future of work. More rest days provide greater work-life balance, a necessity of our times. It’s a strategy centered around working smarter and more efficiently rather than working longer. From a business point of view, this is an investment in the well-being of any company’s most important asset: its people.

“We are a young company, recently launched in the market, but with extensive experience in the technology segment. Therefore, we know the importance of a corporate environment that prioritizes flexibility and values ​​the balance between personal and professional life. With this new program, our focus is also on retaining talent and attracting new professionals”, says Fabrício Oliveira, CEO of Vockan Consulting.

Vockan Consulting is the exclusive representative of QAD ERP in Brazil and develops management system solutions for the manufacturing industry.

Advantages of the 4-day work week

The 4-day workweek brings benefits to companies and their employees, according to a survey conducted by 4 Day Week Global with companies that implemented pilot projects:

  • Productivity: 91% of companies that tested the 4-day work week were satisfied with the results and chose to continue with this model after testing.
  • Performance: Companies rated their overall experience with the 4-day week trials as satisfactory, scoring an 8.5/10. Revenue increased by an average of 35% over the course of the pilot compared to a similar period in previous years.
  • Talent attraction and retention: Results show that workers in a 4-day week are 57% less likely to leave their jobs. Engagement: Employees report feeling more productive and more capable of doing their jobs, with 55% reporting an increase in their work ability over a 4-day week.
  • Wellness: Data shows both physical and mental health improve, with 71% of employees feeling less drained, 39% feeling less stressed, and 54% feeling a reduction in negative emotions.
  • Sustainability: the 4-day work week reduces commuting and energy consumption, reducing the business’s carbon footprint. Commuting time drops by an average of half an hour per person per week, according to the survey. In addition, it enables changes to a healthier lifestyle outside of work.
  • Gender Equality: The 4-day workweek allows for a better distribution of care responsibilities between parents and reduces barriers for women to reach leadership positions at work. Men take on a larger share of housework and 21% of employees report a reduction in childcare costs.
  • Innovation: adapting quickly to the changes brought about by the pandemic and the fourth industrial revolution is a competitive differentiator. Positioning itself as an innovative, progressive and forward-thinking company stands out from the competition.

How the 4-day work week works at Vockan Consulting

The 4-day workweek program at Vockan Consulting was born from the desire of the leadership, who implemented, developed and created their own methodologies.

The program started in November 2022 with the Support area, which represents 50% of the company’s administrative team. The area provides customer service in Brazil and abroad, in addition to providing support to the company’s entire network of consultants.

Vockan’s work system is hybrid, and one day a week is recommended in person for team integration. For Support staff who have already adhered to the 4-day week, weekends can be extended, choosing between Friday or Monday as a day off.

According to Daniela Aguiar, employee of the Support area at Vockan Consulting, with the adoption of the 4-day workweek, the benefits were diverse, mainly in relation to quality of life.

“Having an extra day of rest provided greater possibilities for my personal life. And with this new program, the company is moving towards a more humane path, with people being cared for and given priority,” she says.

Results of the 4-day workweek at Vockan

According to a survey carried out with employees participating in the project, the overall increase in satisfaction – which encompasses time management, physical and mental health, carrying out personal tasks, among others – went from 54% (before the pilot project) to 70% (after).

Regarding the perception of quality of life, it increased from 57% to 86%. Vockan’s study also shows that the index on the level of happiness of employees increased by 43% and productivity, by 23%.

For Vockan’s CEO, the new work model was so successful that it should be expanded by the end of the year to other areas, starting with HR in May.

“Productivity remained high with an increase in staff well-being, focus on work and commitment, while maintaining the high level of deliveries for customers. Employees reported a variety of benefits related to quality of life, stress levels, personal life and mental health,” says Oliveira.

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