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1 December 2022

Vockan offers Bloco K training to customers

Vockan oferece treinamento sobre Bloco K para clientes

Vockan Consulting will promote training on Bloco K exclusively for QAD ERP customers. The event inaugurates the Online Training Program. This is a novelty that comes to offer training in topics related to tools, processes and management.

SAVE THE DATE: the event will be online, on December 14, from 2:30 pm to 4:30 pm (Brasília Time). It is aimed at professionals in the tax area and other interested parties who want information on how to treat Bloco K in ERP QAD. To participate, you must register via the form available at this link.

It is a unique opportunity to learn how to extract more from the tool, after all, Vockan is the exclusive QAD representative in Brazil. The objective is to understand the principles of Bloco K within the QAD solution, the main requirements and problems encountered to generate the necessary information for delivery.

Bloco K collects data from the manufacturing production process, is mandatory in Brazilian companies and replaces the manual production and inventory control book. It is one of the information parts of the EFD-ICMS/IPI (ICMS/IPI Digital Tax Bookkeeping, part of SPED – Federal Revenue Public Digital Bookkeeping System).

The main objective of implementing Bloco K is to reduce and even end tax evasion. This is because the activity recorded in Bloco K and inventory variations can attract inspections and generate fines. Hence the importance of ERP for the delivery of Bloco K.

The training will be given by Celso Fantini, who has extensive knowledge of the tax area and the QAD ERP solution.

Vockan Online Training Program

The Online Training Program is an innovation in Vockan services. The proposal is, based on the identification of customer needs, to offer training events not only on modules of the ERP QAD tool, but also on processes and management of the production chain.

“Through open calls in the system and the close contact we maintain with customers, we were able to map out the main difficulties they have in their day-to-day operations. Thus, the Online Training Program comes to cover these gaps, improve the use of the tool and, consequently, bring more agility and competitiveness to the companies”, says Fabio Costa, Project Manager / BPO/ PMO at Vockan Consulting.

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