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27 June 2023

Solaft integrates global production data into QAD ERP

Solaft integra dados da produção global no ERP QAD

Solaft uses QAD ERP to integrate its global production data. With headquarters in Australia and branches in Brazil, China and India (under implementation), an Enterprise Resource Planning capable of unifying the database and making information available anytime, anywhere was needed.

“In addition to the availability of information, there is the issue of reliability and security. Also for compliance reasons, for audits, it is important to have everything integrated and be able to visualize what happens in each location”, says Marcelo Nikel, general manager of Solaft in Brazil.

Solaft is an environmental solutions company specializing in the application of advanced liquid and gas filtration technologies to various branches of industry. This is an expanding sector, so to support the growth of its business, the company invested in updating to the latest version of QAD ERP.

“We are counting on the result of the improvements that were implemented in the update. With this new version, we are very optimistic about improving our process as a whole”, says Nikel.

According to the executive, the implementation was facilitated because of the long-standing partnership. QAD ERP has been used since the beginning of Solaft‘s operations in Brazil, in 2008. Vockan Consulting is responsible for implementation and consulting.

“The process was facilitated because there was already a strong interaction between us and Vockan, with knowledge and a solid database. This security is essential in conducting business. We have this confidence with Vockan, an open assistance and support channel. This is important because the activity cannot stop”, points out Nikel.

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Planning reduces or eliminates downtime

Planning was a crucial point for the success of the project, as well as the engagement of the teams involved.

“Solaft is not a company with a large staff, so it was a sensitive point to conduct the project simultaneously with day-to-day activities. Thus, planning is essential so that everyone has visibility on what will be done and can plan ahead”, says Nikel.

For Odilon Masson Júnior, administrative manager at Solaft, the planning helped to ensure that the change had the least possible impact on the operation.

“We had no stoppage of processes or loss of production. The migration took place naturally, smoothly, as planned. We even managed to reduce the number of downtime days”, he points out.

More than that, according to him, ERP brings assertiveness in decision-making, reducing risks and waste and increasing efficiency.

“ERP brings us the information we need, at the right time and with reliable numbers. It brings agility to the decision-making process, as there is no waste of time with data collection”, he says.

Model project

The success of the implementation of the QAD ERP update in Brazil was such that it is serving as a model for the same project at the plant in China.

“Brazil was an important success story. We had already learned some lessons from the first deployment in Australia, but here it was successfully conducted because Vockan’s prior planning and consulting made this result possible. China already counts on our assistance precisely because of the success it has had here”, celebrates Nikel.

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