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20 December 2022

QAD System Performance review improves Valmont’s performance

Tuning de ambiente melhora desempenho da Valmont

QAD System Performance review carried out by Vockan Consulting for Valmont, irrigation equipment industry, improved QAD ERP performance and brought more agility to processes.

“Like other systems, the ERP needs to undergo periodic review, otherwise it loses its optimization condition and starts to lose performance”, explains Thiago Queirós, manager of the areas of Projects, Consulting and Experience at Vockan.

The technical review of the ERP had been the customer’s wish for some time. First, because the system was slow, but, above all, because there was a critical process that consumed precious hours for production.

Periodic cost calculation, a requirement of Brazilian law, was taking around 15 hours to complete. At first, the process ran overnight. Then it changed to weekends, as the night period was insufficient. However, without the supervision of an employee, if there was any intercurrence in the process, it was interrupted to be redone only the following weekend. Anyway, it was a disorder that brought risks to productivity.

“The company is growing and the number of transactions has increased a lot. The technical review optimized this and other daily routine processes”, says Elisa Toledo, systems analyst at Valmont.

Advantages of QAD System Performance review

Previously, periodic costing took up to 15 hours to complete. After the QAD System Performance review, that time dropped to around 9 hours. In other words, the system’s performance improved by around 40%, according to André Parpinelli, a Vockan consultant who run the project.

“The QAD System Performance review is a quick, low-cost solution that brings immediate results”, points out Parpinelli.

Another advantage is that the QAD System Performance review postpones the need to invest in hardware. Just by analyzing the performance indicators of the entire environment, such as the Database, Application and Server, it is possible to apply improvements and enjoy a lighter and more agile system.

For Valmont, the satisfaction was total.

“The ERP is the heart of the company. The entire manufacturing flow and also the financial-accounting part go through this system. Therefore, it is important to have technical support from Vockan specialists so that it works in the best way”, highlights Elisa.

Valmont had been a QAD Brasil customer since 2015, before Vockan was founded to be the software company’s exclusive representative in Brazil. Now, with the founding of Vockan, expectations for this long-standing partnership are renewed.


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