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6 October 2022

Meet Vockan leaders and their experiences in QAD ERP

Conheça os líderes Vockan e suas experiências no ERP QAD

Meet Vockan leaders and their experiences in QAD ERP: Fabrício Oliveira, CEO, and Fernando Luchini, Director of Solutions and Products, are the leaders of the only QAD distributor in Brazil. As well as the other members of the Vockan team, they come from the QAD family and have the important mission of implementing, more than the best ERP system for industries, a new corporate culture, with total focus on the customer.

“We value the relationship above anything else. The customer must be answered within a maximum of 24 hours. It’s in our policy. I personally accompany the contacts, with the aim of being recognized as the best ERP systems consulting in Brazil”, says the CEO of Vockan Consulting.

With a dynamic and multitasking profile, Oliveira has 15 years of experience in QAD ERP. He went from intern to vice president of the QAD operation in Latin America. He climbed step by step in the corporate career before being invited to be a entrepreneur with Vockan Consulting.

Learn more: previously, we introduced Vockan Consulting as a member of the QAD family and presented the strategy behind the new business.

Career at QAD guarantees experience in Vockan managing

Oliveira says that when he started as an intern at QAD, he downgraded his career to work in the technology area. It was his goal after studying Systems Analysis.

“I went from a stable job to a job without guarantees, but I fought and became project coordinator, then project manager, I was promoted to take over the services area, followed by the development of local products, until the promotion to director of services and, subsequently, VP for the Latam region, in a work that included the implementation of work process standards”, he summarizes.

This entire trajectory guarantees a 360° view and the experience of someone who has lived through the ups and downs of the business. Now as an entrepreneur, he comes with even more enthusiasm to improve a company that is already successful. After all, there are more than 60 customers and estimated revenue of over R$ 30 million/year.

“As an independent company, we’ll be able to put into practice all the possibilities of improving our products and services with much more agility than before and without making previous mistakes, betting on the knowledge we have of the local market”, says the CEO of Vockan Consulting.

Local market knowledge is Vockan’s differential

Sharing the management of Vockan with Oliveira is Fernando Luchini, the company’s Director of Solutions and Products. He is responsible for anticipating solutions that adhere to the Brazilian market.

Before taking on this new position, Luchini had an 11-year career at QAD Brasil. He arrived as a guest due to his previous experience in a company that was a QAD customer. He went from financial consultant in implementation to pre-sales manager, accumulating projects in several clients.

“I’m very excited about the challenge and looking forward to changing anything that can improve the customer experience and processes. Now we have more autonomy and freedom to deal with details that can make a difference in the operations of companies in Brazil”, he says.

Above all, Luchini declares himself passionate about industries, walking on the factory floor, seeing processes, looking for gaps and potential problems that can be solved with Vockan’s solutions.

“I research, I read a lot, I like to get to know the customer segment in depth and understand how it works, so that we can share ideas”, he says.

Leading into the future in ERP

In this way, the company has a young leadership, connected to innovations and new business opportunities. But without putting aside the excellence in what it already does. That’s how Vockan Consulting came to the market.

The transition was smooth for former QAD Brazil customers. More than that, those looking for customized ERP solutions for the manufacturing industry were also interested. In summary, this was only possible thanks to the previous work undertaken by Oliveira and Luchini months ago.

“First of all, we started 2022 by visiting customers in person so that they would realize that there would be no significant changes in operations with the arrival of Vockan. On the day that QAD Brasil turned over to Vockan, I was next to our biggest client and at the disposal of everyone else to avoid any noise. Definitely, the market reception was great. From now on, changes will come to improve the efficiency and productivity of industries in Brazil”, celebrates Oliveira.


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