ERP for Manufacturing

Benefits of ERP for your company

Enterprise Resource Planning is a corporate software that integrates the different sectors of a company.

ERP allows you to integrate data, information, and processes from different industries such as retail, purchase, inventory, and accounting, all in a single environment.

Industries operate within a complex ecosystem that includes a vast supply chain, warehousing, transportation, and more.

ERP software when chosen the right way, empowers businesses with valuable operational and financial benefits, preparing your business for:

  • Time efficiency
  • Optimization, automation, and standardization of processes
  • Reduced number of errors and data loss in various processes
  • Improvement of operational efficiencies
  • Prevention of delays in production
  • Quality assurance
  • Inventory management

With a highly disruptive, competitive market and constantly changing industries looking to innovate, adapt, effectively manage change, cut costs and implement quality standards and industry regulations, ERP systems provide the real-time transparency the companies need. Whether optimizing and standardizing operations, properly implemented ERP will offer a true competitive advantage.

With ERP, industries can efficiently deliver their products that will meet customer requirements.

How to implement manufacturing ERP successfully

Purchasing an ERP system for manufacturing is only the first step. Vockan uses a methodology that studies the adaptation of the management system to its needs and operational processes.

With specialized and certified consultants, the ERP implementation follows a rigorous process in which the client participates actively in each stage, ensuring greater agility and assertiveness in the implementation of the tool, identifying the company’s processes, organizational culture, internal procedures, the need for customizations and integrations, performing the correct data migration, and training its operational and management team to extract the best from your ERP.

That is why understanding how exactly the client works and what their expectations with ERP are – is the key to designing the scope of the project where assertive implementation planning will determine your company’s success.

To optimize your investment, team up with a certified consultant team that has the ERP skills and configuration experience for your specific vertical. Following the best practices of the information technology market, Vockan ensures that the ERP implementation process would be tailored to your needs and processes. You can be sure that your ERP will deliver the ROI you desire.

To set your business up for success, plan to:

  • Apply the best ERP practices for your industry
  • Implement quickly and efficiently
  • Follow the latest trends and requirements of your industry
  • Account for your business plans, future growth, and expansion

How Cloud-based ERP systems for manufacturing boost efficiency

An ERP system is surrounded by several processes, requiring that technology and people work in parallel. If you want your company to have positive results, it is essential that we have integration between the areas to avoid failures. Cloud based ERP is able to integrate and unify processes, data, and all relevant information your company possesses in a single environment, and this environment is accessed, effortlessly, from anywhere safely, quickly, and with proper maintenance.  Several benefits are found throughout the process, including:

Productivity Gain:

The cloud ERP solution offers better visibility of the outcome, providing relevant data for your managers to make decisions that contribute to increased employee productivity through improved planning and customer responsiveness, resulting in agility and a shorter time to complete a task.

Data Security:

Cloud based ERP preserves all your company’s data, reduces the failure rate, and provides a venue for secure use of data from both suppliers and customers, thus complying with the regulations imposed on the processing of data by the companies.

Remote Access:

One of the biggest benefits of using cloud based ERP is the fact that access is available regardless of where the user is. Remote access results in flexibility and easiness since it is possible to obtain reports and analyze data in a few steps.

Cost Savings:

For companies to be successful, they need to increase revenue and reduce costs. Cloud based ERP software is the key to accomplishing both, resulting in accurate cost estimations and optimization of the utilization rate of machinery and personnel.

Our main verticals:

Here are the types of ERP services we offer:

  • Technical and functional consulting
  • Project Management and PMO
  • BPO Services
  • Functional and Technical Training
  • Development of specific needs of your business
  • Satellite System Integrations 
  • Process Revision and Optimization

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